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Re: When I send email to fedora-users list, I get emails replies from @naver.com

Ed Greshko wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Does anyone have this problem?  It seems that
my email messages are somehow being intercepted
from this @naver.com site.

Looks like a Korean or Chinese site but I am not
sure what it is.
It is Korean....

Maybe you can post one of the replies and it can be determined
what is
going on?

A guess...

Someone with an @naver.com email address is subscribed to the list
since you have "Reply-To" set you are getting their vacation
message....or some such thing.
I'm never a fan of "test" messages...but why not reply to this
with your
"Reply-To" deleted and see if it makes a difference.
Ok, thanks for the tip!

(This is actually a test too....wonder if I will get the naver
And, it has been verified....

An email from NAVER-MAILER naver com is queued to come here....but it
didn't arrive in my inbox yet since I have grey listing....not sure if
it will ever make it due to my spam rules...  We'll see....
What do you mean by testing?  What exactly are you testing?  Sending
me email or via fedora-users, or directly to naver.com?  What is this
test you are doing, so that I can understand what the mechanism is?

Oh....  If you look at the message that I sent to the list at Wed, 01
Apr 2009 09:26:34 +0800 you will see that I added a "Reply-To:" of
Ed Greshko greshko com   When I did that I go an email back from the
mail system at naver.com telling me that chl0731 naver com no longer can
receive emails.

So, I am just confirming that since you have a "Reply-To" set in your
Tbird configuration you will get these messages.

Now, the bad part is that chl0731 naver com cannot receive any messages
so nobody can ask them nicely to unsubscribe.
So....either remove the "Reply-To:"  (which isn't necessary since it is
the same as your From) or ask the nice fedora list maintainers to remove
that email from the subscribed list.
Ok!  Thanks for the details, it's clear to me now!

I will remove my Reply-To: field and also request send a
request to remove @naver.com email from the mailing list!

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