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Re: Interactive startup on F10. Pressing "I" doesn't work

On Wednesday 01 April 2009 20:56, Tom Horsley wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Apr 2009 20:01:40 +0200
> Nigel Henry wrote:
> > On F9 I had to press the "I" a few times to enter interactive startup, on
> > earlier Fedora versions only one press is necessary, but on F10, I can't
> > get into interactive startup at all.
> That's odd. I've never been able to see any effect from pressing I on
> any version of fedora or redhat. I always assumed it was leftover
> text not hooked to anything :-).

Hi Tom.

Pressing the "I" for Interactive startup has always worked for me since FC1. 
Mind you you may have to press the "I" more than once. With F9 I had to press 
it multiple times, before I was able to enter Interactive startup mode, but 
with F10 it won't work at all.

I had problems with F9 and my Asus M2N-X Plus mobo, and needed to stop some 
stuff from being started, otherwise F9 would not bootup. the interactive 
startup mode made this possible. As I said, I did have to press the "I" 
multiple times to get into interactive mode, but eventually got there.

What I'd like to find out is if there is some script being called during the 
bootup process, that asks if you want to enter Interactive startup/bootup.

Bootup does it's initial stuff, then says press "I" to enter interactive 
startup, so something must be initiated to say press "I" to enter interactive 
startup. Is that some script somewhere or other, and if so, where is it?

I'm not asking you Tom, but just trying to find out why the interactive mode 
on F10 is not working.


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