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Re: what means "Installation Repo" during the install process?

2009/4/1 Robert P. J. Day <rpjday crashcourse ca>:
>  while i'm asking this in the context of test installing f11 beta, it
> holds for earlier versions of fedora as well.
>  early in the install, when you get to select the repos you want to
> use, the first one you can pick (which is by default checked) is the
> "Installation Repo."  what does that mean?

It means the source you defined early in the installation process (if
you booted with askmethod for example). If you're installing from DVD,
it means the DVD, if you're installing from Network it means wherever
(nfs/http/ftp) you defined the installation to come from.

>  depending on which additional repos you want to use, you might need
> to have a net connection, but you don't need one for the "Installation
> Repo", so what does that represent?  the DVD itself?  and if that's
> true, what would it mean to deselect it?

My Installation Repo (NFS) does require the Network, but you seem to
be doing a DVD install.

If you deselected it, providing whatever package groups you wanted to
install existed in other repositories, you would probably get a
working install.

Take F11b for example - try deselecting the Installation Repo and
enabling Fedora Rawhide below it - you'll probably find that you can
get an install of Rawhide rather than an install of F11. To extend it
further, lets say in the future you have an installation DVD for
Fedora N, you might be able to boot it and use it's anaconda to
install from a Repo for Fedora N+1 - and you'd end up with a Fedora
N+1 install without doing any kind of later upgrade.

Why you'd want to do that I don't know....


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