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Another basic networking question.

	G'day everyone,
		I've been working through a networking cookbook that obviously assumes
some basic knowledge on networking ... that I don't have. So to humbly
ask of the gurus here:

	When a firewall computer has 2 nics, they should be on separate
subnets? Yes?

	When an ISP dynamically assigns an ip address, is it associated with
the dsl router, eth0 where it plugs in, or the ppp0 device that does the

	So if eth1 goes to a lan and has its ip address configured in its
ifcfg-eth1 and similarly eth0 on the wan side is configured to get its
address from dhcp, is it the ISP's dhcp server that it needs to get the
address from or the local dhcp server?

	With respect to the ip address for configuration of the dsl router
(defaults to for this Linksys AG300), which subnet should it
be on, the lan side or wan?

	Slightly more advanced: What are the pros and cons of using an ifup
ppp0 command from the firewall computer to connect with the ISP versus
connecting from within the dsl router itself?

Thanks in advance.

Simon Slater
Registered Linux User #463789. Be counted at: http://counter.li.org/

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