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Resizing with gparted for Fedora installation

  I have a new Lenovo laptop with Windows Vista on it. I want to install Linux
on it while keeping vista on it (though I rarely intend to use Vista,
keeping vista is a MUST for me). So I want it to be dual boot. There is
one partition on the disk, with 160GB. I consider using gparted livecd for it.
In fact, I did not used the
There is a way to Windows Vista except booting once into the system, so most of
the disk is free.
I know how to use the resize feature of gparted. I intend to resize
the partition
to 20 GB and then create a new parition in the free space which will be
created. On the new paritition I intend to install the Linux.
My questions are:
1) Is it safe to do resizing with gparted ?
2) I saw in the web in some post :
#ntfsfix -V
and then:
if you don't see version 2 don't use this version of gparted on Vista
NTFS volumes

3) This can be done also by ntfsresize, thus:
ntfsresize -s 20G /dev/sda1

Is ntfsresize -s 20G any better ? safer? or is it in fact the same
(but not from
the GUI)?

Mark Ryden

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