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Re: Fedora 11 Countdown Banner?

Marc Ferguson wrote:

I have the same JavaScript code on my blog that was used for the Fedora 10 release. I saw a blog entry (http://blog.berkenpies.nl/2009/04/02/fedora-11-countdown-counter-part-2/) talking about the Fedora 11 counter, but it's the same exact code that I have on my site. My site is still showing Fedora 10. Does a Fedora 11 counter exist?

It is early, for the last releases we had it running in the last month or so, when we had quite sure the release date will not have a major delay.

AFAIK, Paolo Leoni from the Art Team, who did the graphics for F10, expressed the interest to make them for F11 too.

The artwork used in the Beta release (Greek landscape with temple) is going to be replaced with something completely different, so once we are settled on the wallpaper graphic, the counter can be made to fit it.

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