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Re: Fedora 3, 4 and 6 - Remote Upgrade Advice?

Gabriel - IP Guys wrote:
> Dear All,
> Thank you for reading my message. I have to upgrade three linux boxes,
> that are FC3,4 and 6. Now, the problem that I have is that these
> machines have other services running on them, and I do not want to break
> anything.
> All three servers are in two collocation facilities, and I believe that
> the safest method, is to move all services off from the machines, and
> also remove all software to make the machines as stock as possible. I
> then plan to run yum upgrade a few times until I'm up to date with the
> repo, and then follow that with a yum upgrade - rinse, and repeat until
> I'm at FC8 - I'll wait until 11 is in beta before I move forward to FC9.
> I would appreciate any help or comments that you have.

I'm not sure I would do 'yum upgrade'.  But, with the systems being
remote I don't know what other options there are on systems that old.
I've got several systems I've upgraded (via media) from FC2 up to F9
without trouble.

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