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Re: curl question...

On 4/1/09, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
Hi guys...

I know this isn't the list for this question.. but i'm trying to get a quick
resolve for a problem i have.. i'm prety sure it's user related.

i'm doing a curl to a site, and not getting the results i'm looking for..
i've got the cookies/user-agent set.. i'm looking to talk to someone offlist
about what i'm doing, and what i get.. to see if you/they get the same

so.. if there's anyone here, who's skilled with curl/cookies/user-agent,
etc... and you're up to looking at my issue, let me know!


ps.. the curl mailing list hasn't replied as of yet..

I didn't see your post to the curl list...  perhaps you had technical difficulties?   I find Dan is very responsive.


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