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Re: Konqueror uses Adobe Reader rather than Okular...

On Thursday 02 April 2009 19:23:49 Craig White wrote:
> > If I open a file Okular is used.  If I open an embedded pdf, that is,
> > from a web link, I believe it is Evince that opens it - it's certainly
> > not okular. I've checked SystemSettings, and on the embedded tab it tells
> > me that they will be opened by okularpoppler.  Something seems very
> > wrong.
> ----
> that would likely be Firefox calling Evince and can be configured in
> Firefox Preferences or about:config, I forget which.

That sounds likely - I hadn't thought of FF overriding KDE settings.  All that 
remains is to find the setting, which so far I haven't managed to do.

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