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Re: Interactive startup on F10. Pressing "I" doesn't work

On Thursday 02 April 2009 22:38, Alan Evans wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> > I find that holding the keys down can be counter-productive. I suspect
> > that the code discards the buffer contents before looking for a key
> > press and that's why 'rapid taps' as Anne puts it seems to be the only
> > method that works.
> I would have thought that the key-repeat wouldn't differ functionally
> from rapidly tapping the key.
> Anyway, it turns out that I can, in fact, interrupt the boot, both by
> rapid tapping and by holding down the key. I tried both several times
> and I think there is little difference -- either successfully
> interrupt the boot sequence what seems like less than half the time.
> Perhaps interesting: holding the key down seems to make the boot
> process loop back to the "Press 'I' for interactive startup" again.
> I'm not kidding, and I've done it several times. I press <I> as soon
> as I see the instruction to do so and hold the key down while booting
> proceeds through "Starting udev" and eventually to "Enabling swaps"
> and "Entering interactive startup." Then the next line says "Welcome
> to Omega"[1] followed by "Press 'i' for interactive startup." Then
> "Starting udev" again on the next line and so on.
> [1] - I don't think Omega is any different than Fedora proper WRT system
> bootup.

Hi Alan.

Are you trying this on F10, because I can't get into interactive startup on 

On F8, only one press of the i key is necessary.

On F9 one press does not work, and multiple presses are needed. On F9 it's all 
a bit hit and miss. Rapid presses of the i key may work, sometimes a bit of 
delay inbetween keypresses work. As I say, on F9 it's a bit hit and miss.

On F10, I can't get into interactive startup at all.

As I said on an earlier post, getting into interactive startup is becoming 
more and more difficult. F8, and earlier are ok. F9, you have do multiple 
tries, but eventually get there. F10, from my personal experience, is 
impossible. It's really weird as all the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit scripts on F8, 
F9, and F10, appear to be identical.

There has to be some easy fix here so that we can enter interactive startup in 
F10. Perhaps it's time to ask on the Fedora devel list.


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