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Building gcc and NS-2 Problems


There really is a question at the end... Sorry for the length.

My goal is to run NS-2 on a non-network connected Pentium
4 box.

I have downloaded the ISO install for Fedora 10.  It has
installed (appears to be running correctly).

I have downloaded the ns-2 all in one package.  I've built
it in the past on a windows box, but was unable to get
the environment variables set up correctly to run it. This 
is my motivation for going to the stand alone system. I hope
to be able to have complete control over the environment
without the Windows system interfering.

The ns-2 installation script is failing to build the package
correctly.  I think it is because I don't have my environment
set up correctly. It does not seem to be finding the c compiler.
I have built a hello.c file and updated these environment

PATH has been extended to include: 
/usr/libexec/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/4.3.2 and .

C_INCLUDE_PATH has been added as:

LIBRARY_PATH has been added as:

I'm sourcing the setup script and checking the new setting w/
env. At a terminal prompt (under a user account) I type gcc hello.c

It seems to be finding the compiler, but not the include files or
libraries of some kind. I get the following:

fileno fdopen fclose fread fwrite fflush main
Execution times (seconds)
followed by a table of compiler results.

I do not get an a.out file.

Finally a question. Assuming my diagnosis of environment variable
mistakes is correct, what are the correct environment variables
to set and set to what?

Is there a c compiler included in the ISO fedora 10 disk install?

Should I be building gcc?  That seems to need a c compiler too.
I have downloaded that package and tried, but failed with similar

If I'm way off base, please point me in a new direction.

I appreciate any help I can get.



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