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Re: view more or less?

round 03:18am on Friday, April 03, 2009 (UK time), Paul Ward scrawled:

> I was wanting to look at a file the other day and my colleague
> insisted I do not use less but view instead.

I would be wary of colleagues who insist you do something - advise maybe
but why should he insist.

> I thought about this but could not think of a good reason to use view over less.

I assume by view he means looking at the file through the vim (vi)
editor in read only mode?  Although there is nothing wrong with this,
you do need to know some vi commands to make use of it.

Also you can't pipe into it, e.g you can't use view to do something

$ dmesg | less

In short they are different tools that have some overlap in what they
can do, but they are not functionally equivalent.


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