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Re: kphotoalbum tips?

2009/4/1 Anne Wilson <annew kde org>:
> On Wednesday 01 April 2009 00:08:48 Ian Malone wrote:
>> 2009/3/27 Anne Wilson <annew kde org>:
>> > On Friday 27 March 2009 15:18:04 Ian Malone wrote:
>> >> Does anyone use kphotoalbum?  It seems to do /almost/ exactly what I
>> >> want in terms of flexible tagging, but the html albums it exports
>> >> don't look great (both its file|html export and the html export
>> >> plugin), has anyone had any success customizing it?  Thought I'd ask
>> >> here before disappearing across to their mailing list.
>> >
>> > If you get information from them, please report back.  I'd like to see it
>> > included in UserBase.  There is some information already at
>> > http://userbase.kde.org/KPhotoAlbum
>> Nearly forgot to reply: thanks for this, I didn't know about UserBase
>> at all. The Image::Kimdaba perl module sounds like it might be worth a
>> look and there's mention on that page of a possible export to JAlbum
>> (which is what I used to use and looks fantastic, but just doesn't do
>> photo management).
> I don't use it myself, but if you tell me exactly what you want to do but
> can't, I may be able to find out for you the best way to achieve it.

Well, I want to do two things.  One is manage a photo collection,
KPhotoAlbum doesn't look as nice as f-spot, but its tagging abilities
are far closer to what I actually want (people, location, custom
categories).  The other is be able to export web albums and I have a
slight preference for static html to LAMP for that because then I can
put them on CDs and they are simpler to transfer between webhosts.  I
currently use JAlbum for that, but it's quite heavily based on putting
albums into folders whereas a better solution for me would be to
create albums based on tags.  JAlbum can create beautiful albums
http://jalbum.net/browse/featured/album/94706/ so if I can get them
talking to each other that would be great.  It also does a few useful
things like allow picture metadata to be included in the page.

KPhotoAlbum's built-in HTML generation is coded into the application,
so I'd have to patch it and run my own build to make changes.
Alternatively the kibiplugins for HTML generation are done with XSLT
and CSS, so there's a degree of flexibility there, though they don't
seem to get much information passed from KPhotoAlbum itself. Both
currently produce very plain albums, the kibiplugins exports produce
albums called 'unnamed collection' or something along those lines. The
Perl module sounds interesting, I write quite a lot of Perl so I can
probably do something with that.

If anyone has photo management software they use that generates good
html albums I'd like to give it a try, otherwise I'm happy to have a
bit more of a play with KPA myself to see if it can be persuaded to do
what I want.


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