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Re: "Safely remove" USB stick

On Friday 03 April 2009 12:22:44 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I asked some time ago why there is no Safely Remove option
> in Dolphin on my Fedora-10/KDE system,
> which I can click on before removing a USB stick.
> I was told that there was such an option,
> but I don't seem able to find it.
> I certainly don't have a "Safely Remove" icon in my panel,
> as in the unmentionable system.
Tim, you get the icon if you hover over the device name in dolphin.  That way, 
if you have more than one usb device mounted it is quite clear which one you 
are going to unmount.

Hover over it and on the right you'll see an up-arrow icon for unmounting.  If 
it is not currently mounted, but it's still plugged in you'll see the device-
name but the icon will not appear.

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