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Re: How do I rip this sort of audio stream ?

On Friday 03 April 2009 16:50, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> I'd like to rip the audio stream that plays (with Totem) when I press
> the "Listen" button on this page so that I can listen to it later in the
> day.
> http://streamingradioguide.com/streaming-schedule.php?station=KKFT&service=
> I can listen to it live just fine with Totem.  How could I record it so
> that I could listen to it later as an MP3 ?
> Thanks
> LG

Hi Linuxguy.

I normally use MhWaveedit for recording, but you will have to compile it from 
a source tarball on Fedora. Link below.


You will need to install a few development packages to compile it, as below.


And if you want to save the recording as an MP3, you will have to install the 
lame package, which is from the rpmfusion repo.

Hope I havn't forgotten any of the development packages you need to install.

It's a nice app, and I keep plugging it, although I have no connection with 
the author.


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