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Re: "Safely remove" USB stick

On Friday 03 April 2009 20:52:20 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Terry Polzin wrote:
> > On Friday 03 April 2009 07:22, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> >> I asked some time ago why there is no Safely Remove option
> >> in Dolphin on my Fedora-10/KDE system,
> >> which I can click on before removing a USB stick.
> >>
> >> I was told that there was such an option,
> >> but I don't seem able to find it.
> >> I certainly don't have a "Safely Remove" icon in my panel,
> >> as in the unmentionable system.
> >
> > Does your device have a desktop icon?  Right-click that icon and there
> should
> > be a "safely remove" option on that menu
> I don't see any icon on my desktop.

That's KDE3 only

> There is an icon in my panel;
> it is a small blue screen with the USB symbol on it,
> and what looks like a white stand behind it.

That's the Device Notifier

> When I hover over it, it says
> "Last plugged in device: ATV"
> (That is apparently the name of my USB stick.)
> If I left-click on the icon a small window appears
> with ATV beside a small USB icon.
> When I hover over the icon it says
> "2 actions for this device".
> When I (left or right) click on these words,
> a larger window appears, which says
> "A new device has appeared. What do you want to do?",
> the options being: "Open with Dolphin",
> "Download Photos with digiKam", and "Do nothing".
> If I click on the first option Dolphin shows me the contents of my stick.
> Now I see that ATV is listed among the devices on the left;
> and if I right-click on ATV I am indeed given the option,
> "Safely remove 'ATV'".
> When I click on this the contents of my stick disappear.
You can unmount it either from the dolphin Places panel or from the Device 
Notifier.  PoC says you can also umount it from kickoff.

> However, the light on my stick remains on.
> IIRC, under Windows when I click on "Safely Remove"
> and choose the USB stick to remove,
> the light on the stick goes off,
> which I find reassuring.
That seems to work on some sticks but not others.  Take the usual 2-3 second 
delay and you should be fine - especially if you have seen dolphin blank out 
the screen.

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