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Re: Fedora Screen Resolution Won't Go Above 720x400

Daniel Blakemore wrote:

I used the .run driver from nvidia's website for 32-bit linux:

I used to run this on my (now) F8 computer and switched over to using the Livna (now RPMFusion) RPMs. I had better luck, as Livna (now RPMFusion) seems to have the kernel modules available for each new kernel before my Fedora mirror has the kernel updates. B^)

These RPMs bring in all the right extra stuff through dependencies.

I had better luck getting those to work than I did getting the ATRPMS to work, though that may have been my fault and my comfort level, so I stayed with them. They continue to work for me when I updated my graphics card from an GeForce MX400 to an Geforce 6200. I even got the benefit of XvMC just by upgrading.

Now, I must admit, for years, I've had a pretty specific XFree86.conf file (now xorg.conf) for my configuration. I *have* had problems with other machines and the newer xorg.conf files. The machine I upgraded from F7 to F10 (the one with the Radeon 7000) not being able to get above 800x600 until the upgrade was finished. After that I was finally able to convince it to run at a higher resolution. The funny thing is, my xorg.conf for that machine only lists 800x600 and 640x480 but I'm running happily at 1280x1024 because both the video card and the monitor are capable, and the radeon driver knows its OK, so Xorg happily ignores the "Screen" section and allows the higher resolution. So much for
User configuration overriding automatic configuration.

My advice is to DELETE your xorg.conf file, let X configure your display for you. Then, figure out why Xorg can't tell what your monitor is, look at your Xorg.log.0 file and see what's happening. You might have to put just a screen section in your xorg.conf to help it along.

I ran system-config-display, or whatever it is called, to make an xorg.conf, and it knows the correct monitor model number and driver, it knows the graphics card model. When i go to System>Preferences>Hardware>Screen Resolution, the screen is labeled unknown and I can't see beyond the resolution drop-down because the window goes below the screen.

What does system-config-display think your monitor is? If it is unknown, that's what you have to track down in your Xorg.log.0 file.

It was plug an play for my vista machine and this mac. It is a AOC 2230Fa LCD.

I just bought a new Acer 22" monitor for my F8 system, and its not even listed in my xorg.conf for my 6200. But, I *do* have to manually change the resolution to 1680x1050 every time I reboot, but at least I *can*.

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
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