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Re: RM to mp3 script

Paul Ward wrote:

Ok forsome reason this script will not convert the rm stream to an mp3
if it runs in the cron.
Can someone point me in the right direction on how to fix this.

The script is as follows:

Most often, these issues of running from command line, but not running from cron, are environment related.

To test this, run your script once using at instead of cron, ie:

at now + 1 minute
at> script

If that works, then its the envoronment, and you can 'cheat' to make cron work. Here is how:

Repeat the above at command, but this time give it 2 or three minutes. Long enough for you to 'find' the atjob.

$ su -

# cd /var/spool/at
# ls

You will notice at least one file here with a filename in the form of: a00001013b0cd1

This is a script that 'at' created, and it includes your complete environment as of when 'at' was executed.

Copy this script to some place before it runs and gets removed, ie:

# cp a00001013b0cd1 /tmp/template_script.sh
# chown myuser:mygroup /tmp/template_script.sh

You now have a template you can use for cronjobs that require a user environment to run.

Good Luck!

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