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Re: Can I preupgrade to Fedora-11?

On Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 07:22:19 -0400,
  "Kevin J. Cummings" <cummings kjchome homeip net> wrote:
> When you choose to upgrade to Rawhide, at the end of each release cycle,  
> it magically turns into the next Fedora Release (ie, the last update  
> updates your fedora-release RPM to that of the version just released).  
> You would actually have to go back and download the latest rawhide  
> version of that RPM to continue to run Rawhide....

Note that there is a typically a few weeks in which this change will take
effect. If you don't do an update during that window, then you will miss
the switch over and continue on with rawhide.

Also if you manually change your repo files the fedora-release updates won't
replace the existing ones and again you will keep tracking the repositories
that you are currently using.

If you have repositories other than rawhide enabled (e.g. rpmfusion), you
will want to keep an eye on them as they may do things differently than

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