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Re: postgresql help - administrator user pw?

On Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 11:34:18 -0700,
  ann kok <oiyankok yahoo ca> wrote:
> After I fill the postgresql administrator user as postgres, the next step is pw of the administrator user.  I give it "Enter" as this user is empty pw but it  won't let me passing next step!  

There may not even be one. It depends how you have set up authentication.
I usually like to use ident (using socket peer info) so that specific
linux shell accounts can access specific postgres accounts without needing
a password. You need to be using domain socket connections to do this
(as opposed to connecting though the loopback interface).

This stuff is controlled by the hba.conf file.

It sounds like in your specific case there may be a bug in the install
script where it can't handle not needing a password. If you can already
login as postgres (or whatever your admin account is), then you can set
a password with the alter user command.

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