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Re: Kernel-firmware package and Anaconda.

Bram_Gro wrote:

m wrote:
 > No.

Then what is?

There have been various lively discussions of this subject on this list
at different times. It usually degenerates into a bunch of bickering and
whining, generally kicked off by people who don't know how to use mail
filters and complain that the thread is too long and could you please
not clog their inbox with your fanaticism. People in other words who
don't care about the philosophy of free software and who don't like to
acknowledge the fact that if not for this kind of fanaticism then likely there would be no Fedora for them to "use". Some like to say that it isn't appropriate for this forum but make no mistake, nothing could be further from the truth. I tell you this in an attempt to help you understand what you are asking. As to the rest...

Its been explained that its YOUR line to draw. Where would you like to draw it? Adobe Flash? MP3? Do you open M$ office documents? They rely on a closed standard and might sully your install after all. You don't use anything from the non-free repos? not even one "ugly" codec? what about your video driver?

You said you knew it was up to you but you keep putting off making your decision. I am guessing because your worried about how someone else defines it? That means that "free" software might have actually enslaved you, which misses the point of it entirely.

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand" --Albert Einstein



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