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Re: Yum nit-pick !

2009/4/4 William Case <billlinux rogers com>:
> Hi;
> Just checking to see if others feel the same.  I emphasize this is not a
> blocker to use.
> Could yum packages be set up to leave a message in the notification area
> or on the desk top when something has been downloaded and/or upgraded
> that requires a re-boot or a re-login. I recently received a new kernel
> and a new Evolution library upgrade.  Both required a re-boot.

PackageKit already does this. My laptop applies updates automatically
and throws up a little /!\ warning triangle in the notification area
on Kernel updates telling me I need to reboot - I don't know about
other updates needing a reboot (Evolution doesn't really require a
reboot, you probably just need to kill evolution-data-server)

I also don't know how to configure it - my laptop just does it, but my
Desktop doesn't auto-apply updates.


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