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Re: Editor to program in C

Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> As others have explained, any text editor might do. I can recommend two of
> them. One is kile:
> yum install kile
> It is primarilly intended for TeX, but it is a very powerful editor in its
> own right, and can do c/c++ syntax highlighting and all other things an
> editor should be able to.

Uh, Kile is great for LaTeX, but it's entirely the wrong tool for C/C++, as
it's designed around LaTeX throughout. While it can highlight C/C++, that's
because it's based on the KatePart, so Kate or KDevelop, which are actually
designed for programming and also use the KatePart, are probably a better
idea to use.

KDevelop is an extremely powerful IDE, but also has a pretty complex and
cluttered UI. Kate is a simple editor designed primarily for programmers,
it doesn't have all the IDE features KDevelop has though.

        Kevin Kofler

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