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Ah, the flame wars of old (Was: Re: Editor to program in C)

> > lol, what does emacs/vim war have to do with gnome/kde?
> ----
> nothing actually except for the useless banter that accompanies each
> war.

Cards on the  table: I have been  using Emacs 25 years as  an editor, an
MUA and a programming environment.

When I started using it  THE heated discussion was between proponents of
the DEC operating  system, VMS, and proponents of  UNIX. Then there were
flames between AT&T UNIX and Berklix UNIX.  Then LINUX vs. Windows.  The
beat goes on.

Then  I got  embroiled in  a serious  discussion of  the OS  and network
protocol to  be used  on NASA's supercomputer  wind tunnel-in-a-computer
project.  The competitors were Cray  Operating system, COS, with LINKS a
suite of network protocols vs. UNIX and TCP/IP.  IIRC there was a bit of
early support  for SNA as  a network protocol  as well as OSI  which was
being urged to  be THE U. S. Government's network  protocol suite.  At a
big deal meeting to hash it out I  had not come to a position but at the
meeting I listened and opted for the UNIX TCP/IP option, and a proponent
of another  position offered  to take  a swing at  me.  A  Civil Servant
stepped in to save my ass.  Those were the days.

This VIM/ Emacs debate seems to  crop up periodically to no great effect
in arriving at  any decision.  We all end up using  the tools with which
they are most comfortable. And these flame wars SOLVE NOTHING.

Be sides every body KNOWS Emacs rules!!! :-)

Get over it guys.  There is work that needs doing.


David L.Gehrt			Land Line:  805.541.2390
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401       Cell Phone; 805.794.5890
    	 	    		Internet:   dlg inanity net

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