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Re: How do I get per desktop wallpaper?

I wrote:
I'm running KDE and Fedora 9.
When running Fedora 8, I had a different wallpaper for each desktop.
With Fedora 9, I haven't figured out how to do that.
Everything I can find to change the desktop background
changes it for all the desktops.

I did find this on docs.dke.org, but it doesn't help:
The desktop background, more commonly known as the wallpaper, allows you to display certain images on your desktop. The settings for the background are found in the KDE Control Center, or by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Configure Desktop....

In KDE, you have the option to use no picture, a single picture, or a slideshow of images. If No picture is chosen to be the desktop background, the Colors options are used instead. You can also choose whether to use a single background on all virtual desktops or to apply a different background for each desktop. This is done by selecting All desktops or the specific desktop name from the drop-down menu.

I get "Appearance Settings", but no "Configure Desktop".
Drilling down from "Appearance Settings" doesn't get
me to anything that will change just one background.

I wrote:
What is the incantation to change them one at a time?

Michael   hennebry web cs ndsu NoDak edu
"Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
Optimist:   The glass is half full.
Engineer:   The glass is twice as big as it needs to be."

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