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Re: Kernel-firmware package and Anaconda.

m wrote:
> There have been various lively discussions of this subject on this list
> at different times. It usually degenerates into a bunch of bickering and
> whining, generally kicked off by people who don't know how to use mail
> filters and complain that the thread is too long and could you please
> not clog their inbox with your fanaticism.

The issue is not that people don't know how to use the filters, it's that
they shouldn't need them. Please stop flooding the list with discussion
which has nothing to do with Fedora.

> People in other words who don't care about the philosophy of free software
> and who don't like to acknowledge the fact that if not for this kind of
> fanaticism then likely there would be no Fedora for them to "use".

I do care about Free Software, but this discussion about what exactly is
Free and what not is getting way off topic, is repetitive and leaves to no
conclusion because it is highly philosophical and people will always have
different opinions. So you're just wasting everyone's time.

Fedora already does all they can to protect your freedom, and splitting out
kernel-firmware is part of that. You won't be able to change the minds of
people who just don't care about freedom, nor will you be able to convince
the people who don't believe firmware is a problem to think otherwise.
(FWIW, my personal opinion is that while this invasion of firmware blobs
worries me to some extent, burning the same proprietary firmware onto a ROM
(which the FSF considers acceptable and which is what many of the devices
which "do not require" firmware are doing) doesn't make things any better.)

        Kevin Kofler

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