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RE: Building gcc and NS-2 Problems


Thank you for the answers.  I think this is at least a good lead for forward

I don't think I have a live CD (unless I am misunderstanding the term). I
burned an
install CD.  The hard disk was re-partitioned. It was for sure a CD not a
There may not be enough space to have included all of gcc.  The total size
just under the capacity of the CD (I had to ensure it was a long time audio
instead of a short time audio disk). Opinion based on that?

I think I can paraphrase your last answer as follows:
You can use a Redhat Package Manager to download gcc (maybe), and if so,
you are recommending it. Therefore, I will search the net trying to do that.
Do you have a repository link I should be looking at?

Again, thank you for the help.


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John wrote:
> Is there a c compiler included in the ISO fedora 10 disk install?

The Fedora 10 DVD does in fact include the gcc package. The live CDs don't,
there's no room for it on them.

> Should I be building gcc?  That seems to need a c compiler too.
> I have downloaded that package and tried, but failed with similar
> results.

What I don't get is why you can download the source code, but not the RPM
from the repository.

Of course you may have to do some dependency hunt (i.e. download some more
packages required by gcc, or -devel packages required to build NS-2 - hint:
just because a library is installed doesn't mean you can compile software
using the library, support for compiling software is provided in separate
packages with a -devel suffix) though.

        Kevin Kofler

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