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kernel vs kernel-PAE? why yum install kernel does not install kernel-PAE automatically?

Dear fellow Fedora users,

I have a powerful machine with the following specs(smolt profile)


It installed a PAE kernel automatically since it has 3294MB of memory:

	OS: Fedora release 10 (Cambridge)
	Default run level: 5
	Language: en_US.UTF-8
	Platform: i686
	BogoMIPS: 4810.90
	CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel
	CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz
	Number of CPUs: 4
	CPU Speed: 2394
	System Memory: 3294
	System Swap: 5279
	Vendor: System manufacturer
	System: P5K Deluxe System Version
	Form factor: desktop
	SELinux Enabled: True
	SELinux Policy: targeted
	SELinux Enforce: Enforcing

It was previously running kernel-PAE-, and I decided to update to newer kernel before 2.6.29 comes in, waiting for it :), and I did a 
# yum install kernel kernel-devel kernel-headers
and I got new kernel, kernel-, but it is not PAE.  /boot/grub/grub.conf put this kernel above the other one, but the default=1 instead of default=0.  How do I tell yum to install the PAE kernel automatically or do I have to specify yum install kernel-PAE kernel-PAE-devel kernel-PAE-headers when I update to latest kernel?

What does the PAE kernel offers or does better than the regular kernel?

I tried google, but it does not give me satisfactory answers.  I am sorry to bother with an elementary question, but I want to know what is better for my system.  I also want to know if I get nvidia driver, how does it fare with PAE kernels?, I play a dvd and I see:

           **** Your system is too SLOW to play this!  ****

Possible reasons, problems, workarounds:
- Most common: broken/buggy _audio_ driver
  - Try -ao sdl or use the OSS emulation of ALSA.
  - Experiment with different values for -autosync, 30 is a good start.
- Slow video output
  - Try a different -vo driver (-vo help for a list) or try -framedrop!
- Slow CPU
  - Don't try to play a big DVD/DivX on a slow CPU! Try some of the lavdopts,
    e.g. -vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts lowres=1:fast:skiploopfilter=all.
- Broken file
  - Try various combinations of -nobps -ni -forceidx -mc 0.
- Slow media (NFS/SMB mounts, DVD, VCD etc)
  - Try -cache 8192.
- Are you using -cache to play a non-interleaved AVI file?
  - Try -nocache.
Read DOCS/HTML/en/video.html for tuning/speedup tips.
If none of this helps you, read DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports.html.

[VO_XV] It seems there is no Xvideo support for your video card available.
[VO_XV] Run 'xvinfo' to verify its Xv support and read
[VO_XV] DOCS/HTML/en/video.html#xv!
[VO_XV] See 'mplayer -vo help' for other (non-xv) video out drivers.
[VO_XV] Try -vo x11.

.., I have asked for a bit of help and they recommend that I get nvidia driver, I have not used nvidia drivers since Fedora Core 4, but I got good performance back then might help now?

I am sorry to ask too many questions, but many on the list have been very helpful and I appreciate your input :)




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