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Re: Resources to learn C

Robert L Cochran wrote:
You had it easy with the tiny text window. I started my mainframe career
just as IBM shops were converting over to huge CRT monitors and the joys
ISPF edit,  but were still using punched cards for some things. So I had
a little exposure to correcting a punched card which is part of a card
deck, but didn't need to know that for very long. (I got a nice monitor
and keyboard at my desk.) I did work with old timer programmers who
could read the card punches and translate them...and code and correct
long programs which were kept in boxes and boxes of card decks for backup.

I have a slide rule somewhere, too.


You had it easy with your punched cards. I once worked on a box that required toggling in the boot loader code via switches on the front panel. But at least I never had to program in raw binary, the box had an assembler.

Damn, I'm too old!

Back to the original topic,


is quite a nice C resource.



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