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Re: Resources to learn C

On Sun, 05 Apr 2009 11:39:45 +0930
Tim wrote:

> You don't know how lucky you are, now, with your precompiled RPMs...

I actually learned to type numbers by typing in all of those MLX programs out
of Compute! magazine on my Commodore 64. 

I learned to type in school on huge Underwood manual typewriters.  (I was the
only boy in the high school typing class; I thought it would be a good skill to
learn.  Obviously, I was right.)  While I got so I could type over 100wpm, I
somehow never really got the hang of typing the numbers -- numbers in a text
would always play hell with my typing speed.  Not enough practice at the time, I

I was long out of high school when I got my C64, but when I started typing all
of that stuff in out of the magazines I could suddenly type the numbers just as
well as I could type the letters.

To this day, I never use the numeric keypad on any keyboard, and don't miss it
at all on keyboards that don't have one.  I always use the numbers across the
top instead.

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