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Re: the new KDE 4.2 (or so)

2009/4/5 "Stanisław T. Findeisen" <sf181257 students mimuw edu pl>:
> Unfortunately, the new one (4.2 or so) is *so heavy*, *so buggy* and so
> *unusable at all* that I am trying to find an alternative. It looks as if
> someone thought that simple, fast and stable things are bad. :-/
> What do you think about it?

I think it is very usable. I have used the KDE 4 series daily for
about a year, and in my opinion, it was very good already last fall
when they released KDE 4.1. KDE 4.0 has some clear shortcomings, but
even it was certainly better than "unusable at all". I used to use it
daily, too, and it wasn't nearly as hard as some people often seem to

I actually think that KDE 4.0 was already much nicer than the KDE 3
series. (I used to use Gnome before the KDE 4.0 release). Now that
there have been many very significant improvements in KDE since 4.0, I
have hard time understanding why some people are so keenly calling it
completely unusable.

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj gmail com

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