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Re: Resources to learn C

On Sun, 2009-04-05 at 00:48 -0600, Frank Cox wrote:
> The typing class taught me a number of things other than straight
> typing that have been very useful over the years.  How to properly
> fold a letter to fit into an envelope, as one example.

Well, that too.  But we did learn a few more useful things that mightn't
be self evident - like how to write certain types of letters, etc.
> While officially called the Typing Class, it was actually geared to
> how to be a secretary.  We learned how to do filing and that kind of
> thing as well.

We had a more encompassing "commerce" subject that did that.  Our typing
lessons were purely what you did with the typewriter.

But on that note, if people only learnt a bit of filing and organisation
before touching a computer, they made life a lot easier for themselves.
Unless they never kept anything more than about five files on their
computer...  The mess I've seen on other people's computers when they've
got me to fix them up for them was sheer torture to deal with.

The commerce subject was one of the few which left our students able to
go from high school to a job, without needing tertiary study.  Few other
subjects were that practical.
> Frankly, I firmly believe that I use more of what I learned in Typing
> Class on a daily basis than any other individual thing that I learned
> in high school.

Most of what my high school taught was utterly useless, and I say that
with less sour grapes than it might sound like.  I did work there for
about half a dozen years, later on.  My opinion didn't change then, nor
now.  If anything, it worsened.

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