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F10 locked up while installing dl'd updates

First I must say that the F10 freezup, was not F10's fault, but a continuing 
problem I have with my Asus M2N-X Plus mobo, as it happens with other 

Back to the plot.

While the updates on F10 were installing, the machine decided to freeze. No 
keyboard, no mouse, no nothing, except a static image on KDE, like a 
screenshot. I had no alternative, but to press the reboot button.

When I've had this happen on Debian installs, I run apt-get dist-upgrade, and 
apt-get complains, telling me to run, dpkg-reconfigure -a. This fixes the 
problem with packages that were partially installed when the machine froze 
up, then running apt-get dist-upgrade again, the remaining packages are 

When F10 rebooted, I ran apt-get dist-upgrade (I use apt on Fedora), but 
apt-get complained about dependency problems due to duplicate packages on the 

Apt-get gave the following errors.
E:  Transaction set check failed
E:  Handler silently failed

I tried various suggestions from apt-get, like, apt-get --fix-broken install, 
with no success.

After a serious session of rpm -e on the various packages that had duplicates, 
some 3hrs later, I had reduced the list of problem packages to zero, and ran 
apt-get dist-upgrade again, which now continued with installing the remaining 

The question is, is there some command I could have used on Fedora, similar to 
the Debian, dpkg-reconfigure -a, which is able to resolve problems with 
partially installed packages, when you get a power out, or in my case, the 
machine decides to freeze up, while installing the updates.

I had a good look in the man page for rpm, but couldn't see anything there 
that might help, but there may be other commands not in the man page of 

As usual, thanks for any suggestions.


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