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Re: Suspend fails using fglrx on F10 (Joonas Saraj?rvi)

Hello all,
I have an old Dell D610 (R300) which was doing
what I wanted (films, openarena, tv-out, suspend) with Fedora
10 until fglrx 9.2 (or was it 9.1?) arrived. Anyway 9.3 didn't help.

Now suspend fails. Black screen if you try. The log file
after reboot, thinks it succeeded. Does anyone have it working?
Do I have to unload fglrx manually?
Thanks for any clues - its a major hassle for me.

While I can't help with debugging the situtation, I'd recommend
switching to the free drivers, because

1) They are free software
2) They are really supported in Fedora
3) They should work on your hardware out-of-the-box
4) The next fgrlx release from AMD is going to drop support for
R300-based Radeon cards.

Hi Joonas,
You are correct of course. But they are just too slow on my relatively old hardware,
I cannot, for example, watch a film comfortably fir the radeon driver. But
I did put in a bug report for the recent bugzilla day...

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