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Re: Flashplayer for Fedora10-X86_64

2009/4/5 Jerry Feldman <gaf blu org>:
> Why "Restart ndiswrapper". Ndiswrapper is used for non-stanrdard NIC
> modules, such as broadcom, and not for Firefox. Are you talking about
> //"nspluginwrapper"?
> ///nspluginwrapper  /is only use  to wrap 32-bit plugins for 64-bit
> browsers. /

AFAIK, ndiswrapper also wraps 32 bit plugins for 32 bit browsers. In
fact I think it wraps all plugins whether they need to be wrapped or

I know this because I own a (very definitely) 32bit eeePC 701, which
was running ndiswrapper to run flash. It was using a heck of a lot of
CPU time (precious on this machine!) to wrap that plugin, such that I
couldn't watch youtube videos properly. Uninstalling ndiswrapper fixed

Not sure if ndiswrapper is default in a 32bit Fedora install though,
mine was from a kickstart which might just have ndiswrapper in the
%packages section.


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