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Re: Bouts of Extreme System Slug

Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:

>   The more applications I am running, the more noticeable these phases
> of sluggishness become,

more you run, more you load. when you close an app, it does not clear out
immediately. it has to
flush buffers and other house cleaning.

what size swap do you have?

>   How can I diagnose what causes the sluggishness?

1st, run 'man top' to see what it is telling you. then run 'top'. when you see
what is using high
amount of '%cpu' and '%mem', disable them to see if you are still sluggish.

because you are running firefox, clean up history that you do not need. also,
if you have a lot
of add-ons, disable what you are not using.

firefox and thunderbird are both memory hogs. with add-ons, they get worse.
this is reason to
disable what you are not always using.

also, 'man nice'. changing levels of less important may help.

what services are running? what services can you disable?

to run fsck and badblocks, back system up, use a live cd to run checks.



peace out.



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