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Re: upstart bug (tty1 and Xorg) and bugzilla?

2009/4/4 Carl D. Roth <roth ursus net>:
> My tty configuration in /etc/event.d/ (via upstart-0.3.9-22.fc10.x86_64)
> looks like


> Is this correct?  Shouldn't it be the case that the tty1 mingetty is
> squelched by either runlevel 5 or prefdm?  In any case, my 'runlevel'
> command indicates that I am at runlevel 5, and the tty1 mingetty is still
> respawning...
> In a related topic, my TTY switching doesn't work (CTRL-ALT-Fn)...

FWIW, my tty1 script is the same and everything is fine. The lack of
switching is probably a clue as to the root of the problem but I've no
idea what could cause that. Why don't you try removing the initscripts
package (which provides the various upstart scripts) and re-install
it. At least then you know you've got the default set.

If you're worried about losing any changes or interested in what
happened, do "rpm -ql initscripts" and back up those files first
(there's a lot of them).


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