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Re: Nsplugwrapper-X86_64 ??

Jim wrote:
Remi Collet wrote:
Le 05/04/2009 20:15, Jim a écrit :
FC10-X86_64 / KDE

nspluginwrapper-x86_64 installed,  What gives ?  , I can't install both
i386, x86_64 at the same time ?
Yes, you can.

On another way : have you try the new 64 bits flash plugin ?

Works quite well.


I have both the 64 bit Flashplugin and JRE-Plugin working I just need to get the 32 bit AdobeReader-plugin installed.

	I have:


installed together. Do you have *any* .i386 RPMs installed on your system yet? If not, check your /etc/yum.conf file for the following line:


If its set to 1, you might not be able to install any .i386 RPMs on your X86_64 system. Also, make sure you include the arch in the yum command:

yum install nspluginwrapper.i386

It should bring in all the other .386 RPMs with its dependencies to make it work.

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