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Re: System time 1 hr ahead of real time

On Mon, 2009-04-06 at 04:19 -0700, suvayu ali wrote:
> Hi all,
> The system time on my F10 is showing a time one hr ahead of the real
> time, neither does it let me change. What could be wrong?
> $ date
> Mon Apr  6 05:17:16 PDT 2009
> -- 
> Suvayu

Perhaps your system is set to keep time in UTC, and another system
(Linux distro, live disc, Windows) is set to to run the hardware clock
in local time, and bumped the time by 1 hour when you booted after the
daylight savings time switch?

>From the Gnome desktop, you can right-click on the clock in the panel
bar and select 'Adjust Date and Time'; KDE will provide similar
capability (though I can't confirm the steps at this moment). When you
shutdown your machine, it should save the system time to the hardware

You can also set the time from the command line with the 'date' command
(see 'man date'), or get the time from a time server (once) with the
command 'rdate -s time.nist.gov' (US server, not responding from here
atm) or 'rdate -s time.nrc.ca' (Canadian server). Once the system
(software) clock is updated, you can then write the time to the hardware
clock with 'hwclock --systohc'.

Strong recommendation: turn on NTP (network time protocol) if your
network environment is appropriate (i.e., usually connected to the
internet and can initiate outbound connections to servers) -- your
system will then periodically contact time servers and try to keep your
local clock on-track. 'chkconfig ntpd on' should do the trick.


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