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RE: Building gcc and NS-2 Problems


I'm trying to download the DVD version (much larger likely to fail). If it
fails, I may try the bit torrent (another can of worms for a windows box to
install) or I may run to the book store to buy the Fedora 10 bible w/ DVD
included.  I think that is the DVD you are talking about.

Again, thank you for the help.  I believe you have diagnosed my problem
differently than I had.  You can't set the environment variables correctly
complile when there is no complete compile environment.

I'll post success if I get it (that is on the final NS-2 goal). It looks
like I have
at least a day of effort on this (waiting for the download and all).

Best Regards,


An apprentice comes to his master and says, "Master, I have just created
the next generation editor. It seamlessly handles text, audio, video, and
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all know hardware platforms and operating systems."

The master bonks the apprentice on the head and says, "You idiot, I don't
want to learn a new editor."


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John wrote:
> It was for sure a CD not a DVD.

Then it was certainly not the installer DVD. Most likely it was a live CD.
(And yes, those are installable. The default downloads on the current
download page are live CDs.) GCC is only included on the DVD.

        Kevin Kofler

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