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Re: Firefox default problem -

g wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:

Perhaps it can't be fixed from within Thunderbird?

maybe not.

/I have done "/Edit -> Preferences -> Attachments -> View and Edit Actions -> (search > for wmv extension)" a number of times but apparently
I don't understand something, nothing I enter in the "Search" block does anything?

if you show nothing, you may have nothing.

try 'edit > preferences > advanced > general > config editor', search for
'actions', 'open',

i do not have tbird 'open with' set for anything so i do not know just how it
would show up.

also, goto your profile director and 'grep wav'. never know.


I'm afraid nothing helps! I did find that under "view and edit actions" I can enter wmv in the search window and then double-click on the the large text window below it a second menu comes up where I enter my preferences and click on "OK" but that causes no action, nothing happens that I can see. The Cancel button works but the OK button has no effect.

There's a Mozilla page I can try but historically that's been a waste of time ...

I'll let this slide 'til F-11 comes along and I'll start over. I know not to tell it to always do it that way.



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