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Re: Opening OOo-3 files from Dolphin or Konqueror

Jim wrote:
Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
2009/4/6 Jim <mickeyboa sbcglobal net>:
FC 10-X86_64 / KDE

This box is a Fresh install of FC10 from FC8 , / was formatted and clean
install, the /home/user was saved from FC8 .

For instance, opening a *.xls , *.odt any OO file, from Dolphin or
Konqueror, if you LEFT click on a Icon to open a xls, it will say it can't
open it,
but if I RIGHT click and tell it to open with "OpenOffice Calc" it will open

In the window, when you RIGHT click it says;

? Open with Spreadsheet
Open with Openoffice Calc

If you click on "Open with Spreadsheet" that when it says it can't open
file, There is a ? in front of 'Open with Spreadsheet' , which it means
it's a DEAD application launcher.

But if I select 'Open with Openoffice Calc' it then opens the .xls file.

That  ? Open with Spreadsheet  is a DEAD launcher and also the DEFAULT
launcher when LEFT clicking on Icon to start opening a OpenOffice-3 file.

How Do I Get Rid of ? Open with Spreadsheet in the LEFT click window .

I have deleted the ~/user/.kde and let it regenerate a new .kde folder, but
that doesn't help with my problem.

I also deleted the  .openoffice folder and let it regenerate a new
.openoffice folder.

What does "SystemSettings > Advanced tab > File Associations" say
about those type of files?

In the File Associations there are a whole lot of Known Types.

What Known Type are you referring to ?
You have;

(and so on)

and just what are you looking for ?

In known types, and in "application" I'm seeing a lot of 'vnd' types that have to to do Office apps.
that have types of;

word processor

These are the file types that are coming up with DEAD application launchers, if I edit the file types 'vnd' and remove those Three types as listed above I assume it will take those bad launchers out of the RIGHT click windows, is that so ??

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