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Re: odd networking issue...

On Apr 6 Steve Ellis did spake thusly:

Scott van Looy wrote:
My network config is thus:

eth0 = x.x.x.210
eth0:1 = x.x.x.211

Up until the last kernel update it's all been fine (though I don't tend to reboot between kernel updates, so it might have been broken by something inbetween)

Now, eth0 comes up with eth0:1's IP and eth0:1 doesn't appear at all

ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0 again gives me eth0:1's IP

system-config-network shows it to be correctly set up with the right IPs and stuff...

Any known issues? Anyone heard of anything similar? Very bizarre...

I had to get rid of NetworkManager in order to make this work correctly--which was fine as my system is a server that never switches networks and has only static IPs. I did not debug the issue enough to file a bug report however. Hope this helps,

Marve! That worked, thanks.

Though NetworkManager could probably do with *not* removing your interfaces in a girly strop when you remove it. Irritating...

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