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Re: Editor to program in C

On 04/04/2009 06:56 AM, Paul Smith wrote:
Dear All,

I am starting to learn how to program in C, and I am looking for a
proper editor for that. Do you recommend Kate to me? Or is there
something better?
Time for me to chime in. I have been using EMACs for C and C++ development for 25 years, and vi even longer. While there are other good editors, I specifically like emacs (and xemacs) because it innately knows about make and source control. I work on a system that has over 1 million lines of code (mostly C++). Note only is there syntax coloring, but it matches parentheses and curly braces. It also can be set for automatic indentation (K&R style is the default). Additionally, emacs supports multiple windows. You can have them line up horizontally or vertically. Normally, when I do a compile, the compilation results are displayed in a windows. In addition, the dired feature sets emacs to behave like a file manager. Additionally, I routinely to finds and greps. Yes, emacs is not easy to lean, but it is extremely rich, has modes for most computer languages as well as HTML and XML. While I certainly am set in my ways, I could not practice my profession as a software engineer without emacs. But, I don't want to belittle vi and vim. I use vi especially when accessing files on a non-local server.

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