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Re: initdefault has no effect

Tom Horsley wrote:
On Tue, 7 Apr 2009 06:42:36 -0400 (EDT)
Mike Burger wrote:

I'm still doing some digging.

I thought there was a thread on this very topic in a previous
release, but I can't find it (maybe it was in fedora-list
rather than fedora-test-list), anyway it is a very old bug
I'm surprised is still around.

The script in the upstart code that searches /etc/inittab to
find the runlevel was not ignoring commented out lines, so
whatever line it found first, that's the one it grabbed the
runlevel from regardless of the comment prefix.


This is the Fedora list, BTW, rather than the fedora-test list.

However, I pop in and out of this list, given the level of traffic and my availability to monitor and try to answer questions (when I think that I'm actually capable of answering them), based on workload and travel, so it may be possible that I completely missed that thread, somewhere.

Since I never really noticed this in F9...the only F9 systems I had were my laptop and workstation, so I didn't have much reason to customize)...I had no reason to investigate, either.

If this is a filed bug, and you happen to have the bugzilla report ID, please forward.  I'll also try to dig into it and see if I can find it, too...I'd like to see this one squashed...or, at the very least, verify which script it is and see if I can figure out the logic to fix it.

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