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Re: Need help with Reboot cause

On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 09:35:15AM -0700, Peter J. Stieber wrote:
> This is going to sound vague, but here goes...
> I have a dual opteron system that has been acting as the worldly node  
> for a small cluster of computers since September, 2004.  The machine is  
> running the latest x86_64 Fedora 10 kernel that I recently loaded (April  
> 2).  The machine reboots without warning.  I can't find the cause in log  
> files (maybe I'm not looking in the correct log).
> I'm currently running memtest.  If all of the tests pass, could the  
> community suggest other diagnostic tasks or information I could post to  
> help diagnose the problem?

Have you tried going back to the previous kernel? Did you check dmesg and /var/log/messages? Does it boot normally and then just fail at some random interval or is it consistently failing at the same point?

Other things you may consider: CPU type? temperature? potential hard drive issue? any new hardware attached or installed recently? Notice any power surges or brownouts? any other nodes having issues? 

Recent power surge zapped a board, DSL modem, and the surge protector. Come on newegg....

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