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Re: initdefault has no effect

> Mike Burger wrote:
>> Again...within inittab, the # character is not a comment delimiter...the
>> ;
>> character is.
>> Because the # was used, the first default line was matched, therefore
>> processing to determine the default runlevel stopped at the first
>> match...the line with the 5 in it.
>> Subsequent lines, which do not contain "initdefault" are processed,
>> because they do not match the "initdefault" parameter that was matched
>> above.
> Strange - I have always been under the impression that both # and ;
> work as comment delimiters in inittab. If # is not a comment
> delimiter, then all the other comment lines that start with # should
> generate syntax errors.

As has been noted, it turns out it's nothing to do with the delimiter
being used for commenting, after all, but a scripting logic error that
ignores the fact that there's a commenting delimiter in place, at all.
Mike Burger

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