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Screensavers fighting

	For the last several releases, up to and including F10, I've been 
running xscreensaver exclusively, and wouldn't even install gnome-
screensaver except that xscreensaver demands it.

	Usually, though, unwelcome things begin happening, particularly 
as to power-saving features -- often, for instance, I come down in the 
morning to find my email still up, and visible from across two rooms, 
from twelve to sixteen hours before.

	Whenever that happens and I click on my screensaver launcher, 
invariably I get a popup saying the gnomescreensaver daemon (I think it 
is) is running, and asking whether to shut it off -- followed by another 
saying the xscreensaver daemon is not, and asking whether to start it.

	I always say yes to both, and the screen behaves again for some 
days; then it goes back to its misbehavior.

	Do I have some setting set wrong??

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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