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Re: Classified Updates2

Seann Clark wrote:
Levesque, Michael wrote:

I just put a fresh install of Fedora 10 on a classified machine on a closed network. Is there a way that I can bring updates into the area since I can’t use yum?

Best way to do it is get a list of packages to be updated (run yum on an unclassified machine and get the package list) and download the RPM's for those, either manually or using YUM. Then burn them to CD or DVD

Next time you should do a fresh install on an Unclass system, get it updated, get it moved into your Secure location, and maintain it from there. I recommend using a more stable life cycle distro than Fedora so you don't have to use as many discs to keep it up to date. This way it is complaint with your IA group and easier to maintain.

Military jargon is no different than financial jargon or computer jargon. If you don't understand it, there shouldn't be a need to persecute those who do. It isn't a conducive way to facilitate a community, and I take it that is what this list is supposed to be, since the list is labeled as: "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora".

I concur.  Well spoken.

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