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* blowing up in your face.

max bianco wrote:
> If i read him right then the hidden files and such aren't getting the
> right owner/group. I think its just the way the * is exapanded in the
> shell.
> he should have used *.*

PLEASE take more care when making recommendations!

Fortunately, it won’t work. It will match any file with a dot somewhere
in the middle.

Why is that fortunate? If you had recommended
chown -R .*
the shell would have expanded that to
chown -R . .. (and so on)
and would have chowned all files under the parent directory (assuming it
was run as root).

If you’re in a user’s home directory, then this would change the
ownership of all files in all home directories on the machine.

I once had a colleague do a
cd /home
chmod 777 * .*
on an AIX machine. That changed all the permissions on all files on the
machine. Eventually we had to reinstall. (These days I could have done
something with a shell script and a backup log…)

Personally, I’d recommend
chown -R user:group /home/user
i.e. do it on the directory itself, not all the files underneath it.

Hope this helps,


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